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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Useful .NET FAQs

C# FAQ :These are very good collection of FAQs if you are from C++ background. FAQ tries to address many of the basic questions that C++ developers have when they first come across C#.
.NET FAQ :This FAQ tries to answer some commonly asked questions about the fundamentals of the .NET Framework - topics like assemblies, garbage collection, security, interop with COM, and remoting. The most commonly-used parts of the class library are also covered.
Windows Forms FAQ : (best)George Shephard/syncfusion's Windows Forms FAQ is a very large collection (300+) of useful tips on implementing all the various WinForms controls found in the .NET library.This are the best set of FAQ that I has Find.It covers Windows Forms, GDI+, Interoperability , Tools , Design Time , VS.NET , Framework Tips, Network Tips, Data Binding , Datagrid etc.
C# From a Java Developer's Perspective :It is the best and most detailed comparison of the two languages.It has lot of good example and is very useful in understanding the concepts of both the languages.What follows is an overview of similarities and differences between the language features and libraries of the C# and Java programming languages.
Insider's Guide to IT Certification -Download it now for instant advice!The Insider's Guide to IT Certification is a how-to manual that helps people looking to become certified in the IT industry conserve their valuable time and money while pointing out the best study guides and suggesting ways to become successful in IT.

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