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Saturday, November 1, 2008

What is ADO.NET

ADO.NET is an object-oriented set of libraries that allows you to interact with data sources.
  Commonly, the data source is a data base, but it could also be a text file, an Excel spread sheet, or an XML file.   
ADO.NET allows us to interact with different types of data sources and different types of data bases. 
However, there isn't a single set of classes that allow you to accomplish this universally. 
Since different data sources expose different protocols, we need a way to communicate with the right data source using the right protocol. 
Some older data sources use the ODBC protocol, many newer data sources use the OleDb protocol, and there are more data sources every day that allow you to communicate with them directly through .NET ADO.NET class libraries.  
ADO.NET provides a relatively common way to interact with data sources, but comes in different sets of libraries for each way you can talk to a data source. 
These libraries are called Data Providers and are usually named for the protocol or data source type they allow you to interact with.   

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