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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hybrid: A Cost-Cutting Open/Proprietary Approach

Hybrid: A Cost-Cutting Open/Proprietary Approach
In the time of global reccession where most businesses are working to find solutions to reduce capex and operational cost, netCORE has come up with an innovative concept -- called 'Hybrid Messaging Environment'. Hybrid means mixture/heterogeneous, hence Hybrid Messaging Solution is an integration or co-existence of netCORE's Linux Based Mailing Solution (EMS) with existing MS Exchange/Lotus Server.

"Given corporate's existing investments and their potential need to support additional Microsoft Exchange/Lotus compatible applications in the future, a Hybrid (open/proprietary approach) will work as it allows users to drop in an e-mail server without making changes to desktops or infrastructure," said the company.

Hybrid Messaging Solution supports a Linux-friendly messaging environment enables full Outlook functionality; enterprises can scale their e-mail systems and choose the most economical storage components; and the servers can communicate on a peer-to-peer basis with Exchange and the rest of the e-mail ecosystem.

Outlook on the desktop will 'think' it is talking to Exchange when it is really talking to the new Linux e-mail server, and end users do not know they are on a different server. IT professionals get a Linux e-mail server with higher performance, that uses lower-cost storage, and that works with existing datacentre applications such as Active Directory (ADS) so that user management becomes easier, said the company.

Non strategic user's mailboxes can be created on EMS and users can send and receive mails to users created on Exchange seamlessly. The Address Book across Linux and Exchange would be syncronised to give a single view to users.

netCORE's EMS has additional features like Proxy server, File transfer, IM chat which come bundled.

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