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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spam rebounds - News article

Spam rebounds

Last month, McColo Corporation, a hosting firm that was linked to cybercrime including some of the largest spam and malware spreading botnets was shuttered. This event led to a sharp drop in the volumes of spam worldwide. Unfortunately, the relief was temporary and spam levels are heading up again. IronPort Systems data puts spam volumes at close to a 100 billion about two-thirds of what they were before McColo was shut down. In the immediate duration of the firm’s closure, spam levels were at a low of 42% of the peak of 150 million plus spam messages per day.

Spam remains a significant problem and McColo’s example suggests that shutting down hosting companies linked to the cyber criminals who dominate the market for spam and malware can help in this ongoing battle. The other part of waging war on spam remains to continue using efficient spam filters at the desktop and gateway levels of your company’s network.

On the global scale, Spamhaus maintains a list of the top ten countries that are spam havens and sadly, India makes the top ten. However, it is eighth on the list with 149 spam issues as against the US, which is top of the list with 1,486 followed by China with 483.

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