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Monday, December 8, 2008

VB.NET - General Procedures - Free download of powerpoint slides

Below is a link for free download of powerpoint slides for a chapter titled VB.NET - General Procedures with the following content:

  1. List the two types of procedures that fall into the category "general procedures."
  2. List the reasons for using Sub procedures.
  3. Code and call Sub procedures
    1. in which no data is passed to the Sub procedure, and
    2. in which one or more pieces of data are passed to the Sub procedure.
  4. Explain the similarities and differences between arguments and their corresponding parameters.
  5. Explain the purpose and contents of the Parameter Info banner.
  6. Explain the similarities and differences between passing by value and passing by reference.
  7. Write a call statement that guarantees that an argument is passed by value no matter how the corresponding parameter is defined in the Sub procedure.
  8. Explain how local variables and class-level variables differ during the execution of a program.
  9. Write code that uses class-level variables.
  10. Code and invoke user-defined functions that contain zero, one, or multiple parameters.
  11. List and discuss the similarities and differences between Function procedures and Sub procedures.
  12. Use the Region directive to collapse sections of code behind a captioned rectangle.
  13. Explain the meaning of top-down design.
  14. List the four criteria that should be met when using top-down design.
  15. List the three types of logical structures that are allowed in structured programs.
  16. List and discuss the advantages of structured programming.
  17. Explain how drivers and stubs are used to test individual procedures of a structured program.

Free Download PowerPoint slides for VB.NET - General Procedures

Free Download PowerPoint slides for VB.NET - General Procedures

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