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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Free ebook download: Crystal reports for Visual Studio 2005 - Walkthroughs

Crystal Reports For Visual Studio 2005

Crystal Reports For Visual Studio 2005

CrystalReportViewer Object Model Tutorials

Logging onto a Secure SQL Server Database 7
Reading and Setting Discrete Parameters 16
Reading and Setting Range Parameters for a Subreport 40
Filtering Data Using Selection Formulas 52
Customizing the CrystalReportViewer Control 65

ReportDocument Object Model Tutorials

Persisting the ReportDocument Object Model Using Session 101
Logging onto a Secure SQL Server Database Using SQL Authentication 113
Logging onto a Secure SQL Server Database Using Integrated Security 129

Logging onto a Secure SQL Server Database with a Subreport 141
Reading and Setting Discrete Parameters 148
Reading and Setting Parameters with a Subreport 176
Exporting to Multiple Formats 191
Printing and Setting Print Options 248
Filtering Data Using Selection Formulas 264
Displaying Report Parts with the CrystalReportPartsViewer Control 279

Reduced-Code Tutorials in Visual Studio 2005

Web Site Setup with Crystal Reports Using Smart Tasks 289
Windows Project Setup with Crystal Reports using Smart Tasks 295
Secure Database Logon in a Web Site 300
Parameter Setting in a Web Site 310
Exposing Report Data to Other Controls in a Web Site 319
Exposing Report Data to Other Controls in a Windows Application 325

Data Connectivity Tutorials

Connecting to ADO.NET DataSets 332
Connecting to IDataReader 347
Connecting to Object Collections 358

Other Tutorials

Configuring Multilingual Client Support 375
Creating a User Function Library 389
Populating a Drop Down List of Reports from the File Directory 403
Populating a Drop Down List of Reports from a Web Service 412
Triggered Export with the ReportExporter Control 428
Deployment Tutorials 432
Deploying a Windows Application with ClickOnce Deployment 433
Creating a New Web Site Deployment Project with Windows Installer 438
Creating a New Windows Application Deployment Project with
Windows Installer

Migrating a Project that Uses Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET
2002 or 2003 Merge Modules Deployment

Migrating a Project that Uses Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2005
Merge Modules Deployment

Performing a Silent Installation with a Windows Installer 448
Deploying Web Sites with Merge Modules 450
Deploying Windows Applications with Merge Modules 453
Configuring Database Driver Installation Options 456


Crystal Reports Product Keycode and Registration Number 459
Design Time Preview 461
Formula Reference 462
System Setup 531
What Needs to be Installed? 532
What Needs to be Verified? 535
Add New Item Dialog Box Includes Crystal Reports 536
64-Bit Development Configuration 537
Optional Installation: MSDE 538
MSDE Installation with Windows or SQL Server Authentication 539
Northwind Database Installation 542
Security: Creating a Limited Access Database Account 544
Sample Reports’ Directory 547
Tutorials’ Sample Code Directory 549
Viewers’ Virtual Directory 550
Location of Xtreme Sample Database 552
ODBC DSN Entry for Xtreme Sample Database 553
Project Setup 555
Additional Setup Requirements 564
Multilingual Client Support 576
Useful Addresses at a Glance 578
Which Persistence Approach Should I Use with Crystal Reports? 579
.NET Framework 2.0 587
Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 2.0 Windows Installer 588
Merge Modules Summary 589
Crystal Reports Merge Modules for Visual Studio 2005 591



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