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Friday, January 2, 2009

Links to Programming Languages, Courses, & Tutorials

Programming Languages, Courses, & Tutorials

  • Ada Home - Designed to be the Web information source for Ada and Ada-related issues. It includes the hypertext version of the Ada 95 Reference Manual & theAda Lovelace Tutorial
  • {The All Basic Code Home Page} - A site for Basic source code packets including source code for QuickBasic, PowerBasic, ASIC, and MoonRock. There is also a list of links to other Basic-related pages.
  • {Assembly Language Tutorial} - A searchable, basic Assembly Language tutorial.
  • {Bench++} - Contains a suite of benchmarks designed to measure the performance of the code generated by C++ compilers.
  • {C Programming} - Teach yourself C; includes an online test, a list of C resources, and other tutorials on the Internet.
  • CODE Visual Parallel Programming System - CODE is a visual parallel programming system that allows users to change a sequential programs into a parallel one.
  • {Designing & Building Parallel Programs} - The hypertext version ofDesigning & Building Parallel Programs by Ian Foster. There are links to programming tools, example programs, & other resources on parallel & distributed computing.
  • {The Fortran Library} - This site provides a large number of routines to perform standard non-numeric coding tasks for scientists & engineers; it also includes some routines for numeric tasks.
  • The Genetic Programming Tutorial Notebook - A basic tutorial on genetic programming.
  • {A Gentle Introduction to Haskell} - The goal of this tutorial is to provide an introduction to the Haskell programming language for someone who has experience with at least one other language, preferably a functional language.
  • {Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ } - A self-paced course to learn object-oriented programming. Concepts are presented using the C++ programming language, but the course is not intended to learn C++ in all its details.
  • Numerical Recipes in C: The Art of Scientific Computing - The complete second edition of William Press’ classic. It is available in {PostScript ®} and{Adobe Acrobat} editions.
  • {Pascal Programming} - An interactive introduction to the Pascal programming language that covers the basics of learning to program, data types, declarations, arrays, functions, records, pointers, enumerated & set types, and file handling.
  • {Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days} - Learn the Java language & how to use it to create applets & applications. It is intended for individuals with at least some basic programming background.
  • {TTT System} - The TTT System provides Topics (lecture notes), Tasks (with sample solutions), & Tests (multiple choice, interactively graded) for beginners who want to learn how to write programs in the C++ language.
  • UNIXhelp for Users - This site provides helpful information for users of the UNIX operating system. It is arranged by tasks, commands, concepts, & utilities. A glossary is included & it is searchable.
  • {VooDoo’s Indroduction to JavaScript} - A thorough introduction to JavaScript.
  • {World Lecture Hall - Computer Science} - This site contains an extensive listing of computer science courses.

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