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Monday, January 12, 2009

Product review - Dotnet cool tools - .NET Refactor - Automate Refactoring of VB.NET and C# Code

Let us first see What Refactoring is?  

Refactoring is a methodology for restructuring existing code.  The plan is to change the internal structure without changing the external behavior.  The plan should include making your code easier to read, navigate through, and maintain.  If possible, refactoring should also improve the perfomance of the code.  

NET Refactor is a set of automated tools that allows you to refactor code, reorganize the code of your forms and classes, and generally clean up some undesirable code sequences.  It is an add-in for Visual Studio .NET that fits seamlessly into the Visual Studio .NET IDE.

The features of NET Refactor are broken into two major classes of automated tools.  NET Refactor is built on the framework of the very popular free add-in, Net Class Organizer, which has been available for download from KnowDotNet for several months.  There have been hundreds of downloads of this free add-in.

All features of NET Refactor can be invoked from one menu.  This menu, shown in Figure 1 below, can be placed on the Tool menu, on the main MenuBar, in the Code Window Context Menu, or both the MenuBar and Context Menu.

Figure 1 - NET Refactor Menu.

NetRefactor Main Menu

All refactoring features of NET Refactor  work for C# and VB.NET and include the following functionalities:

Refactoring Functions

  • -Complexity Analyzer -  Displays Solution Structure and Analyzes Complexity of Methods
  • - Extract Method - Extract selected block and create a new method.
  • - Simplify Conditional - Simplify Comple If Statements by extracting a new method.
  • - Create Properites- Generate Property Methods from one or many selected variables.
  • - Create Interface - Build Interface for selected Class.
  • - Wrap Selection - Surround the selected block with user-defined constructs.
  • -Insert Snippet - Insert user-defined code snippet at cusor position.
  • -Refactor Strings -  Convert String Contatenation code to use StringBuilder.
  • - Smart Commenter - Solve Your Comment Maintenance Problems with Smart Commenting.
  •  - Wrap Long Line - Automatically make continued lines.
NET Refactoris  Free to try for 30 days or can be  purchased by clicking Download or Purchase.

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