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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Spell Checkers in Web Browsers

Have you ever made embarrassing mistakes in your blog posts or emails? Why not invoke the good old spell checkers that we are so used to in our word processing applications?
Here is some guidance for spell checker extensions for Web Browsers

  • Firefox 2.0: Ever posted a comment on a blog only to find out that you had written “embarasment” instead of “embarrassment?” The latest release of the Mozilla house comes with an in-built spell checker that works inside web forms; very useful for active Internet users.
  • Firefox 1.5: If you have a fetish with Firefox 1.5 and are reluctant to upgrade it to the newest version, no worries! There is an extension called SpellBound that will add the spell checking functionality to your browser.
  • Internet Explorer: There is no reason to use Internet Explorer. Firefox is faster, more flexible and more reliable. But this is not the central topic of this article, so if you (still) are an Internet Explorer user, you can use an extension called IESpell
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