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Monday, April 27, 2009

Download ebook: MySQL in a NUTSHELL - 2nd Edition

Download ebook: MySQL in a NUTSHELL - 2nd Edition

When you need to find the right SQL keyword or MySQL client command-line
option right away, turn to this convenient reference, known for the same
speed and flexibility as the system it covers so thoroughly. MySQL is
packed with so many capabilities that the odds of remembering a
particular function or statement at the right moment are pretty slim.
With MySQL in a Nutshell, you get the details you need, day in and day
out, in one concise and extremely well organized book. The new
edition contains all the commands and programming information for
version 5.1, including new features and language interfaces. It’s ideal
for anyone using MySQL, from novices who need to get up to speed to
advanced users who want a handy reference. Like all O’Reilly Nutshell
references, it’s easy to use and highly authoritative, written by the
editor of the MySQL Knowledge Base at MySQL AB, the creator and owner of
MySQL. Inside, you’ll find:
- A thorough reference to MySQL statements, functions, and
administrative utilities
- Several tutorial chapters to help newcomers get started
- Programming language APIs for PHP, Perl, and C
- Brief tutorials at the beginning of each API chapter to help anyone,
regardless of experience level, understand and master unfamiliar
- New chapters on replication, triggers, and stored procedures
- Plenty of new examples of how MySQL is used in practice
- Useful tips to help you get through the most difficult subjects
Whether you employ MySQL in a mission-critical, heavy-use environment or
for applications that are more modest, this book puts a wealth of
easy-to-find information at your fingertips, saving you hundreds of
hours of trial and error and tedious online searching. If you’re ready
to take advantage of everything MySQL has to offer, MySQL in a Nutshell
has precisely what it takes.

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