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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Download Free ebook: CLR via C#, Second Edition (Pro Developer)

Download Free ebook: CLR via C#, Second Edition (Pro Developer) Click here to download
In this new edition of Jeffrey Richter’s popular APPLIED .NET FRAMEWORK PROGRAMMING, you get focused, pragmatic guidance on how to exploit the common language runtime (CLR) functionality in .NET Framework 2.0 for of all types—from Web Forms, Windows® Forms, and Web to solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft code names “Avalon” and “Indigo”, consoles, NT Service, and more.
Targeted to advanced developers and software designers, this book takes you under the covers of .NET for an in-depth understanding of its structure , functions, and operational components, demonstrating the most practical ways to apply this knowledge to your own development efforts. You’ll master fundamental design tenets for .NET, and get hands-on insights for creating high-performance applications more easily and efficiently. The book features extensive code examples in Microsoft Visual C#® 2005.
Click here to download

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