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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

World's most popular alternative browser in a NEW AVTAR

Hi techies,
The world's most popular alternative browser(you guessed it right, FIREFOX) is now available in an all new avtar as Firefox 3.5. In less than 7.5 hours since launch, Mozilla says that Firefox 3.5 has been downloaded 2 million times. It is twice as fast as its predecessor Firefox 3.0.
It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux OSes. For the first time, Firefox has the option of private browsing.
You will love this if you are a developer - Firefox 3.5 provides support for CSS media tags, HTML5 local storage, downloadable fonts, Web worker thread, and native JSON support, or SVG transforms.
To put it in Mozilla's own words, Upgrade to the speediest, safest and most advanced Firefox yet.

Links for download:
Free Download 3.5 for Windows English (British) (7.7MB)
Free Download 3.5 for Windows English (US) (7.7MB)

Friday, June 19, 2009

My experiments with the Internet - ONLINE JOB NO INVESTMENT

As blogged earlier, I am trying to tap the internet as a source of additional revenue. If you thought that it was difficult to make money online , it is certainly not. But it is not easy either till such time that we develop a healthy traffic base for the blog or site. And one of the key ways of doing it is through a method called as link exchange.

One of the many ways in which the popularity of a site is judged is by the number of sites connecting to the website. So if you would like to make your site popular, especially in the eyes of search engines like google and yahoo, you need to have others linking to your site. This concept is technically called as inlinks. One way to increase the number of inlinks is through the link exchange.

The easiest method to exchange link is by sending personal requests to other known webmasters and bloggers.

micro eCommerce through Blogging

With Internet reaching more homes at higher speeds, eCommerce has become a common term.
If you thought that eCommerce works only on a large scale, think about this: a large part of the revenue being generated online is through the small players. And if you thought that blogging was merely fun, here's a reason to rethink. Blogging also helps you earn useful dollars.
There are a large number of methods to make online income including Google's adsense programme which is a pay-per-click. Other programmes including pay-per-view, whereas options are available for writing sponsored reviews and blog posts about specific products and services. Some popular web sites that offer such revenue streams include, and
ipod features several ways of making money online including cashburners. If you are still a conventional player, the blog also features details on how to beat the economic recession and earn through the equities markets.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Will Bing bang out google?

Looks like Microsoft's Bing is going to give Google a run for its money. Looking at the past month's data, one can conclude that Bing is getting better that the previous month. While google itself is busy challenging Microsoft in its traditional software market, MS seems to be getting better and causing worries to Google and Yahoo.  With Microsoft stocks ending up slightly higher and Google's going down marginally, it seems to be a pointer to the shifting tectonic plates in the software and search engine industry.

MS now has a little more than 12 % of the US search market share for May compared to Google's 65%. So its not near yet. Some analysts say that the initial euphoria over a new product launch may also have led to these figures and Bing's popularity will stabilize(read fall) in the next few months.

Opera's new Avtar

The browser is no more a browser. 
A very profound but true statement.
Opera has announced Opera 10. Far from being a mere broswer like its predecessors or competition, it is a new technology called "Opera Unite", featuring for the first time, a web server in a browser. 
Opera Unite has a server using which a user can make self-hosted Web pages, requiring no coding.  This also obviates the need for third-party hosting and the cumbersome process of uploading photos etc.
Some of the features offered are listed below for a ready reference:
  • File Sharing: A simple and safe way to share files directly from the computer
  • Fridge: A fun place for people to leave notes on the computer
  • Media Player: Access your a/v files from anywhere
  • Photo Sharing
  • Lounge: A chat room to hang out with friends
  • And of course, the Web Server.
If all of this sounds interesting and worth a try, go ahead and download Opera V10 by clicking this link

Visual Studio 2010 Beta is available now!

Hi developers,
Microsoft has rolled out the Beta of Visual Studio 2010.
For those of you who would like to try your hands on this IDE, the download is available here
According to Microsoft (as published on their website), VS2010 has the following features:

  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Parallel Programming has been Simplified 
  • Application lifecycle management is being introduced with features like the Architecture Explorer which helps in asset management and reuse, designing and reuse of usecase diagrams.
  • One click deployment
  • Complete support for silverlight
  • You can target your applications for Microsoft's new cloud computing platform.
  • Unlike its predecessors which force developers to stick with M(y)icrosoft SQL Database, it provides support for Oracle and IBM's DB2.
With all these features touted by Microsoft, I am sure any serious developer needs to give it a try. So happy downloading and working with VS2010 Beta.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Did you know about android?

Its here since November 2007, but I seem to find that quite a few people are unaware of it. So what is Android all about?

Android is a software platform for mobile devices, running on the Linux OS. It was initially developed by Google, and so is called as Google's Operating System in popular parlance.

Android enables developers to write managed code in the Java Language, controlling devices through Google's Java libraries.

For general information about Android,one could visit the site. For those interested in developing applications for Android devices,the Android Developers site is at

A site your child will love - eCommerce with a different target audience

With kids becoming one of the largest audiences after youth on the internet, some wonderful sites have come up with a lot of good resources catering to the young audience.

One of the sites i personally love is The site features a large number of videos of easy-to-learn and easy-to-teach songs. The demo videos are available for free and could be used by teachers in their classrooms. All resources are available as CDs for sale. The best part is that you can preview / listen to the entire content before making a purchase. The entire content has been produced by a small school in Tokyo, Japan that specializes in teaching English to children.

The site is also available in the Japanese language.

ngpay- India's Largest Mobile Mall

India, riding on the forefront of the technological wave and hiding the economic disaster happening worldwide with its resilience and hardwork, is welcoming mCommerce in a big way. 
A case in the point is ngpay, who call themseleves India's largest mobile mall.

No more laptops with internet connections to book air tickets. All you need is the handy and sleek mobile phone with gprs connectivity.  ngpay offers complete free mCommerce to users. It offers a wide range of services including

All you need is a java enabled phone and gprs connectivity. With operators offering use-based gprs billing and zero rentals, mCommerce is bound to replace eCommerce(in the traditional sense) in India.
Visit for more details.

Monday, June 15, 2009

eCommerce through Twitter

Twitter is a web-based service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers simple questions. Although news sources point out that Twitter is yet to break even, it has led to a steady stream of income to Dell, according to a news report on Dell's site. 

In a posting on the official Dell blog, Stephanie Nelson, Dell s Twitter manager, said the computer manufacturer has crossed $2 million in direct sales via @DellOutlet. Apart from this, the company has further generated $1 million in sales from people who start at @DellOutlet and finally make a purchase from elsewhere on