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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Opera's new Avtar

The browser is no more a browser. 
A very profound but true statement.
Opera has announced Opera 10. Far from being a mere broswer like its predecessors or competition, it is a new technology called "Opera Unite", featuring for the first time, a web server in a browser. 
Opera Unite has a server using which a user can make self-hosted Web pages, requiring no coding.  This also obviates the need for third-party hosting and the cumbersome process of uploading photos etc.
Some of the features offered are listed below for a ready reference:
  • File Sharing: A simple and safe way to share files directly from the computer
  • Fridge: A fun place for people to leave notes on the computer
  • Media Player: Access your a/v files from anywhere
  • Photo Sharing
  • Lounge: A chat room to hang out with friends
  • And of course, the Web Server.
If all of this sounds interesting and worth a try, go ahead and download Opera V10 by clicking this link

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