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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Will Bing bang out google?

Looks like Microsoft's Bing is going to give Google a run for its money. Looking at the past month's data, one can conclude that Bing is getting better that the previous month. While google itself is busy challenging Microsoft in its traditional software market, MS seems to be getting better and causing worries to Google and Yahoo.  With Microsoft stocks ending up slightly higher and Google's going down marginally, it seems to be a pointer to the shifting tectonic plates in the software and search engine industry.

MS now has a little more than 12 % of the US search market share for May compared to Google's 65%. So its not near yet. Some analysts say that the initial euphoria over a new product launch may also have led to these figures and Bing's popularity will stabilize(read fall) in the next few months.

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