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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

World's most popular alternative browser in a NEW AVTAR

Hi techies,
The world's most popular alternative browser(you guessed it right, FIREFOX) is now available in an all new avtar as Firefox 3.5. In less than 7.5 hours since launch, Mozilla says that Firefox 3.5 has been downloaded 2 million times. It is twice as fast as its predecessor Firefox 3.0.
It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux OSes. For the first time, Firefox has the option of private browsing.
You will love this if you are a developer - Firefox 3.5 provides support for CSS media tags, HTML5 local storage, downloadable fonts, Web worker thread, and native JSON support, or SVG transforms.
To put it in Mozilla's own words, Upgrade to the speediest, safest and most advanced Firefox yet.

Links for download:
Free Download 3.5 for Windows English (British) (7.7MB)
Free Download 3.5 for Windows English (US) (7.7MB)

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