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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Send free sms online- save money

With the advent of web technologies and proliferation of internet connectivity, there is an increasing urge to use the Internetwork for aiding communication through other forms. While its a straight-forward exercise to send emails over the web, the difficulty arises when we try to open up newer channels of end-user link like SMS. SMSs are popular because you need not look for them. They beep and stare at your face as soon as they arrive. So the question is: Can i send SMS online? Sending SMS from a phone is usually charged, depending on the mobile network operator. However, there are websites which provide services for sending sms-es free through the web.

Google is most popular and it can be used for sending message to mobiles within the USA. However, for other countries, you have country-specific sites like, etc. which allows one to send SMSes through their web portals. So next time you want to send a free sms, logon to these sites and message your friends. Of course, the cost involved is that there will be an advertisement sent to the recipient, in addition to the message that you send. This may put off some people.

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