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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Open source Javascript Editor

TinyMCE is a WYSIWYG JavaScript open source editor. It has the ability to convert HTML TEXTAREA fields or other HTML elements to editor instances and is very easy to implement. So Javascript programmers, go ahead and download it.

Alternatives to Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word costs around 200 USD per license. Its worthwhile to go ahead with some alternative software which comes for free and does the same thing. Here are some alternatives for those who wish to save some money:
Download Link:
Operating System: Linux, Windows
Type: FreeAbiword is an easy and free word processing software that is compatible on Linux and Windows operating systems.

Download Link:
Operating System: Linux, Unix
Type: FreeKOffice is an integrated office suite that includes the word processing application KWord. It has a user-friendly environment and is very easy to use.

Jarte Word Processor
Download Link:
Operating system : Windows
Type: Free

And if you are looking for the complete alternative to Microsoft Office, you must go in for Open Office (see details at which is completely free

A rich and open source of Research papers

As a researcher, you would often like to have FREE and open access to research papers. Forget IEEE and Springer who charge you for the research papers.
Use CiteSeer (now CiteSeer Beta) - the Scientific Literature Digital Library and Search Engine. Its open source and free. The search facility is real good. Type in the keywords and lo and behold, you will have all the documents that you wish to read. CiteSeer is available at

How to open file .ps (Postscript) files in Windows

If you are working in a windows system and downloaded a .ps file from the web, you must be wondering how to open the file. PostScript (PS) is a page programming language used for desktop publishing. Help is given below on how to open .ps file.
1. Using PDF Creator
Download and install PDF Creator on below link: During the installation of the freeware, cross checked the box .PS to PDF Converter. Double click on the file .ps to convert same to PDF. Open the file PDF using the Acrobat Reader.

2. Download and install the freeware Ghostview: This software allows you to open the file .ps and even to pdf or any image viewer.