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Monday, October 12, 2009

Download ebook - Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Programming for the Absolute Beginner

Start at square one with Visual Basic .net Programming. Visual Basic is a widely accepted programming language and is used for creating both stand-alone and Web-based applications. supports multi-threading that enables you to write applications that execute using separate threads and supports both structured and unstructured exception handling. This Absolute Beginner book is a fun approach to this difficult topic. You’ll create games using as you learn the fundamentals of the language. The CD contains games and trial versions of Paint Shop Pro, Cool Edit 2000, DarkBASIC, BlitzsD, and more About the Author

Jonathan S. Harbour has been an avid gamer and programmer for 16 years, having started with a Ti-99, Commodore PET, and a Tandy 1000. In 1994, he earned a B.S. in computer science. He has since earned the position of senior programmer with 7 years of formal programming experience. He has professional-level experience in graphical user interface design and 2D and 3D graphics programming, as well as TCP/IP socket programming and Internet protocols. Jonathan is a part of the “Starflight III” team, working with the original designers on a sequel to the first two games originally published by EA in the ’80s. In addition, he has released the retail Pocket PC games “Pocket Trivia” and “Perfect Match”. Harbour has also authored “Pocket PC Game Programming” (0761530576), “Visual Basic Game Programming with DirectX” (193184125X), “Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Programming for the Absolute Beginner” (1592000029), and “Beginner’s Guide to DarkBASIC Game Programming” (1592000096) all from Premier Press.


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